Mobile Friendly Website Warning: You Could Lose Half of Your Website Traffic

   Well Google just sent out something that our Research and Development Team passed over to us recently.This may significantly affect your website showing on a mobile site – and this is important for you – since you have competitors that may get your customers.Google published this official article.and announced:“Starting April […] Read more »

Online Reputation Management: Leveraging Content & Social Media, Not Fake Reviews

In 2013, Dimensional Research carried out a study sponsored by a software company. While the research was about customer service and how it affects sales of midsize companies, researchers uncovered nuggets that changed the way people look at online reputation management forever. Those nuggets are as follows: 86% of respondents […] Read more »

Internet Marketing Tips, Training Videos, Special Offers, and Coupons

Here’s another Internet marketing tip for your business. After you have attracted prospects to look at your website, now you want to get the prospect to interact with your website pages and do something. You may want a prospect to do one or more of the following: 1. Call your […] Read more »

Article Marketing For Local Business Owners

by Brian B Dawson Today I want to talk about a form of advertising done and online marketing called article marketing. This is done when an author will write a short article of approximately 300 to 700 words about a subject that they want to promote or give advice about. […] Read more »

How To Do Marketing Videos – For Local Business Owners

by Brian B Dawson As a local business owner, one way to attain rankings of high value on the Google search engine for your business and let people know you’re an expert in your area is to make quality videos about your business for certain keywords that you want to […] Read more »

What Is Social Media and Why Will It Help My Business

by Brian Dawson What is this social media marketing all about and how will it help my local business? Social media on the Internet currently are online channels or services that people use to communicate with their friends, followers, subscribers and other people who have liked interests. One of the […] Read more »

Video Marketing For Your Business – Tell Others About Your Business

by Brian B Dawson Video production technology has changed drastically within the last five years. Today it is not nearly as difficult to produce video about your business. The Flip camera and the presence of higher quality video cameras in smart phones like Apple’s iPhone today can make video recording […] Read more »

Customer Finder Marketing – Who We Are and What We Do

Transcript: Hi, I’m Brian Dawson, CEO of Customer Finder Marketing. I wanted to spend a moment talking with you about who we are and what we do. You see, we educate and help businesses expand their companies and save money at the same time by helping them make the transition […] Read more »

What Do These Internet Marketing Search Engines Mean To Your Business?

When it comes to internet search engines a lot of people think that Google is #1 in this category. But there is another company that Google bought a few years ago called YouTube that is quickly becoming the #1 search engine war “influence engine” of choice for certain age groups […] Read more »