Local Seo is done for small businesses that grow

Getting customers to find you today takes more than an ad in a magazine or a phone book. Since we have affordable local SEO services, you will be more visible than ever when people look for your business online.

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Are Local SEO Services honestly worth the money?

More people than ever today use the Internet to look over your website before they decide to contact you. When we create our local SEO plans for your small business, it’s honestly the most affordable way for people to find you. Now how does this SEO work?

Name, Address, Phone

This is NAP syndication, a basic must for any SEO campaign – gets your business shown on other important directory websites.

Google Business Profile

When we optimize your Google Business Profile page, people can find you organically and on Google Maps. This provides an impressive display of your business to people searching for it online.

Engaged Approach

Our small business SEO services involves an engaged approach to focus on and promote your key business products and services.


Look at what this local SEO client has to say when Customer Finder grew their keyword visibility by 1300% in less than 12 months. At the end of that time, they expanded their #1 spot for keyword rankings to over 33 keywords.

They became so busy that they limited their service area to keep up with customer demand.

Is Customer Finder the best local SEO company for your business?

We can’t answer that question for you for sure, but we know how our clients feel about our help and services we provided to them over the years, so we let them speak of our performances…

Google Review Rating

Clutch Rating

UpCity Rating

John Hadjikakos

Boardwalk Realty

“We have now been using Customer Finder for SEO work and a variety of other things for about 5-years. They are always available, professional and listen to the needs of their clients. I highly recommend them”

We know you want to save the most money for your business.

Here is the information to help you choose…

SEO Experts 5+ 1 (maybe) 0
Avg. Yearly Cost $10K – 40K $60K $1K – $20K
Monthly Time Commitment 2 hours 2-5 hours 50-100 hours
Proven ROI Yes Maybe No

Here is the info to know on local SEO services

What are local SEO services all about?

Local Seo (local search engine optimization) is a technique of digital marketing that helps local business owners’ websites to show up on search engines (Google) and local in your area search for your products or services. There are certain strategies that the search engines require to be done by us as marketers for the client. We know what the strategies are, and we perform these strategies for our clients so that they can get great ranking results and achieve optimum growth for their businesses.

What will local Seo cost me?

Local Seo costs vary by large margins: some freelancers provide services for a few hundred dollars per month, while some large corporations charge over $10,000/month. It’s important to find a price point that is doable for you. And you also want to get great results from the money you spend. But on average, you can get good (and sometimes outstanding) results for around $750-$2000 per month.

Are all local SEO services companies the same?

Sorry to say, there are some companies out there who don’t bother to explain or show the work they do to their clients. They send them no or little information in the way of reports on the work done – or not done. The best agencies go above and beyond to…

  • – achieve great marketing results for the client
  • – provide complete and transparent reports of these results
  • – explain the complex strategies and terminology of the tasks they do for the client.
  • – be prompt in response and customer service to the client.

Would local SEO help my business?

Most business owners would say…”Oh yeah”…you see, local SEO services are in the class of the fastest rising marketing options in the world today – and for this reason. Since this type of marketing is designed to have a relatively quick and affordable impact on marketing results for business owners, it provides a quick way to long term growth for the business, and in many instances, an outstanding growth, usually in less than 12 months.

How long will this local SEO service take to work well?

Well, every agency will have its own opinion on this question. But most of the time you will see upward trends start inside a few months when you start a local SEO campaign with a reliable agency. Within these first few months, the best agencies already know how to do the tasks to get the most dramatic effects for the great results by the 12th month mark of the local SEO campaign. It is very common to see increases in traffic and keyword ranking trends within this time, and it just gets better as time goes onward for the campaign.

Is Customer Finder the best choice for my local SEO company?

1. Well we are one of the only agencies in the business to guarantee our local SEO results. Customer Finder promises every Local SEO client an upwards trend of the majority of keyword phrases that we work on by the 6th month of local SEO work. And if you don’t see this, you can fire us and we part ways. Now in all our years dealing with clients, this has never happened -where we did not get this result for clients.

2. We have a high client retention rate of 90% over all our years of service to clients.

3. How can this be? Well, when we say we are going to do the tasks to be successful for you, we mean it. To make sure of this, you receive a written agreement from us before we start the Local SEO Plan Activities and Timelines – which shows you what tasks we will do for you each month to get the desired local SEO marketing results.

4. Remember… Our reason to be is “Be Transparent, Educate, Get Results” and our clients are a big part of that.


We have something that we advertise for free…and it really is free

Have you ever had a website audit report – it shows you what a search engine and potential customers of your site think of it – as compared to your competitors? You can bet it is not like our report. Our report is over 20 pages long, and our experts guide you through it one on one. Business owners consider this report to be the best “60 minutes in marketing they ever saw.” And best of all it is free. If you feel that we are starting to sell you something, you can hang it up with us.

Here is what our Customer Finder local SEO services are like…

When we start…

Extensive Research & Development

Today you need more than fresh website content and getting some backlinks to have a successful local SEO campaign. We find out your goals, then tell you how we will accomplish them. At Customer Finder, we have a special team that does R & D analysis of your company goals to make a successful campaign for your business.

After we start…

You see it all

Next comes the custom strategies specifically designed for your business to rank above your competitors, and we implement these for you. We do all the work for you and you can see the tasks that we perform – in your inbox, or on the custom dashboard we set up for you, or through our one-on-one meetings we have with you.

We keep in touch…

We keep in touch – a lot

Yes, we get a lot of clients from other agencies. And they leave these other agencies because they did not keep in touch with the client. We do not treat you like that in any way.

Our clients get…

Progress reports – with full explanations of the work we do
Phone calls – to answer any or your concerns, questions, or comments
Results – with upward trends of your keyword phrase rankings.

About getting results…

You rank better than your competitors, or else

You probably have seen this in our site already. If your keyword phrases ranking does not result in an upward trend by month 6, you can fire us. None of our clients ever have though. As a result, our average client retention is 4 times longer than the industry average.

We operate our company by…

Transparency, Education, Results

We realize that we are different from other agencies in these respects, but we like it this way…and so do our clients. Chat with us and tell us what you need…find out how we can give you advice without any pressure to buy.

Get 60 minutes of some valuable advice

OK you don’t have to visit with us for the full 60 minutes, but almost everyone does for our famous website assessment…and it doesn’t cost you a thing.