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We grow companies’ bottom lines with results-based digital marketing like SEO, Pay Per Click and Web Development.

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Yes, they tell us our website audit is “best 60 minutes on marketing they ever saw or heard” …
and you get it without a sales pitch.

Performance – Established Marketing

We help clients for the long run. 90% of our clients renew services with us.


We show you everything.
So what does it look like?

Our reason to be is “Be Transparent, Educate, Get Results” and our clients are a big part of that. From a custom designed strategy to a 24/7 dashboard, and weekly and monthly recorded reports – your success is continually measured…and you get to see every step.

Transparency since our clients are our partners


Since our clients are our partners…

You get transparency of our actions. We think this is why 90% of our clients renew with us.

As we perform our marketing tasks for you, we send you weekly and monthly reports of your marketing progress for search rankings, leads, and traffic leading to your increased sales.

Our digital agency ensures you can track your daily marketing progress – you see everything we build for you. And since you own all our work we do for you, we send you all the login credentials for all your accounts we create.


No better way to see ROI than understanding how it works.

We are different than other marketing agencies…we don’t simply implement digital marketing tasks for you and leave you in the dark. We educate you on our services and why they’re critical to your success. And we then show you the exact steps of the tasks that we do for you. Our team serves as your partner throughout.

Education no better way to see ROI than understanding how it works
Get Results increased rankings, traffic, leads and sales Yeah, we got that

Get Results

Increased rankings, traffic, leads and sales? Yeah, we got that.

We work very hard, know which marketing tasks to perform, and use our years of experience – to do this – deliver great results of search rankings, leads, traffic, or sales for your company – no matter how large it is, in any industry, in the USA. Thus, the reason for our guarantee of results..

Unmatched Expertise

If your website isn’t your #1 employee, we’ve got the skills to change that.

Your website plays a vital role in your company’s success. Our digital marketing consultants are experts in the field, providing you with the most effective strategies to generate results. You won’t find a more valuable resource for your marketing needs.

Unmatched expertise if your website isn’t your #1 employee, we’ve got the skills to change that

We Serve Businesses and Marketing Managers

You, the business owners, and marketing managers that we work for turn out to be heroes to their company…and we do the work for them…with some great services.

SEO Services Icon


Count on our digital marketing agency in Naples FL to get more leads and sales for your company with better organic rankings from our local, regional, or national SEO work that we do for you.

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We can help you develop a custom website that best reflects your business and brand, and also enables you to impress your customers.

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Our digital advertising services help you reach the appropriate target audience and achieve a better return on your investment. Spend less money and get more leads with our experienced team of Facebook Ad and Pay Per Click managers.

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SEO Services

Let us drive more customers to your physical business location or area with our local SEO services. We help your local customers find you, and buy from you, instead of your competitors.

Regional & National SEO Services Icon

Regional & National
SEO Services

If you want to expand your reach to get more customers beyond your local area, our regional & national SEO services can provide what you need.

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Social Media

If you are looking to expand your influence outside your company, or you want a better marketing impact of your products or services, our social media marketing can change that.

Some answers to your questions….

Some answers to your questions
Why hire Customer Finder instead of someone else?
  • We get results that clients expect.
  • They understand why they get these results from our reports we send them.
  • We do almost all the work involved.
  • They can concentrate on operating their business, instead of marketing.
What do typical SEO services cost?

When working with a reputable marketing agency who does excellent SEO work, if you spend $1K – $5K for a monthly investment, you should get a dependable and reliable return on your investment. You will usually see positive results within a few months to make it worth your while to invest in your marketing program.

Some agencies will quote you higher or lower pricing, and you get what you pay for with SEO work, but you probably don’t need to invest $10K per month to see excellent results either.

What does a typical new website cost?

At Customer Finder we design web pages for all types of price ranges depending on the complexity of the site. We usually charge from $500 to a $5000 for a site. We quote you a price up front that you can agree upon before we start work on the site.

We also rebuild older and outdated sites to new and robust sites that won’t break down because of many technology changes that occur from time to time.

How does Customer Finder guarantee results?

All our SEO clients get the same offer. We expect an overall upwards trend of client keyword rankings by the 6th month of our work. You receive weekly and monthly keywords reports, and your dashboard reports, show you these trends occurring as the weeks go by.

And if we don’t see this event occur, then we’ll get you back some of your investment, and we part company. So far, in all the years of doing this work for clients, this has not happened.

But to be fair since we don’t work for Google, we cannot guarantee specific placement in the search engines for SEO.

Will digital marketing really work?

Most people today go online to search for all kinds of products and services. People even do it after they receive a business referral from a friend, if nothing else to get more information about the referral. There are proven digital marketing techniques that we use every day to get our clients showing on the top of the search engines. And if their website has never showed there, they are amazed at how many more calls and sales they receive. A common remark we hear from them is “I wish I would have done this years ago, my life would have been totally better and different.”

…When We Say Risk-Free, We Mean It …

Get Your Free Assessment of your Website. It is the starting point to discuss your online marketing plans. Before you spend any more money on marketing your business, get one of our completely free website assessments that we have offered to 1000’s of business owners.

And business owners tell us they like the assessment because:


It is free


Provides more useful information about their business & competitors than they have seen


And it provides a frank business discussion to examine their business with them


It gives valuable personalized marketing recommendations


All with no strings attached.

When We Say Risk-Free, We Mean It