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Our Google Ads campaigns created by our team of Google Partner experts do an excellent job for you!

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Thank you for reading this post, don’t forget to subscribe!


In-depth analysis of keywords specific to your business


And specific targeting of these terms

To convert your ad campaign traffic into engaged and buying customers.

See some or our digital ads approaches


We do more than just manage your ads.
Overall campaign development

Our team of Google and Bing Partners industry experts are thoroughly trained on the behind-the-scenes operation of how these digital advertising platforms operate to best deliver the most return to you for your advertising investment.

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Hire an expert team for Pay Per Click –
Digital Advertising

At some point, most business owners have tried out Google Ads, spent some money, and became frustrated with the complex strategies, only to find out they get minimal results or lose money.

See why hiring an expert team for these tasks always works better.

Let Our Experts Set It Up

Let us use our expertise and experience to create digital advertising campaigns for your business like we have done for thousands of other businesses…many like yours.

Get Proven Results

Digital marketing dollars spent are better controlled and measured than other advertising methods like radio, TV, or print ads. The campaigns we build give you a bigger edge to get the better ROI you want.

Get Custom Reports

You get 24/7 access to your personal dashboard to view real-time campaign progress.

Daily Monitoring

Most important – Our team monitors your campaign every day and makes changes to it to give you the best ROI to keep up with changes Google or Bing might be making along the way. This is the biggest benefit using our experts versus someone else.

Get Custom Reports

Google Account Strategist

Jesse S.


“Your Google Ads campaign that you set up is performing 9 times better than the national average on Google Ads! This is outstanding!”

We set up this campaign for a client and it got some of the highest quality scores available on Google Ads for the keywords in the campaign. In a conversation with a Google Account Strategist, he mentioned of how he was impressed – the ROI surpassed most Google campaigns at that time by 9X the average campaign spend versus Return on Investment.

ROI better than national Google Ads average

Who to hire? [Agency] [Marketing employee] [Do it yourself]

Nothing beats the expertise of the experts of an agency.
Save time and less hassle, and make more money and better ROI.
This is what to expect…

AD Experts 2+ 1 (maybe) 0
Monthly Time Commitment 2 hours 5 hours 20+ hours
Proven ROI Yes No No
Expert Setup  Yes Maybe No

Ads are costly, but you can get our advice for free

Whether you are currently running ad campaigns or not, we can provide you a free consultation and report to show how we can improve your campaign to save you money, and get a better return on what you do spend. No pitch, but great info you can use.


Over 20,000 digital advertising businesses produce by using pay per click

Over 20,000 digital advertising businesses produce pay per click

Guaranteed Results

Our statistics show that you can expect to generate more leads with a better CPC. If you don’t, you can fire us.

Reports To Your Inbox

Our team routinely monitors the changes in PPC campaigns brought on by your competitors, or by Google or Bing themselves. We keep on top of these shifts in your campaigns, provide remedies to your advantage, and send you notices of these directly to your email box.

24/7 Dashboard Just For You

Our custom dashboard is available any time of the day or night.

You Understand What We Do For You

Even though this pay per click advertising can be confusing, we provide explanations, instructions, and reports that are easy to understand.

Monthly Calls With You

A monthly review of your campaign is always available for you. Or we can talk more frequently, if need be – with your dedicated expert team member.

Separate Project Manager

Each client has a separate project manager in charge of a client’s campaign, and they are available to answer any campaign question for you.

Proven Results

Clients are happy to note that their leads almost regularly increase, as their monthly money spend on ads decreases. More leads for a cheaper cost make for a successful campaign and happy client.

Info and Data Rules

Pay per click is based on data because of how Google and Bing designed their pay per click platforms. We know how these platforms operate from the ground up, so we know how to adjust your campaign for your best financial outcomes.

Some Questions & Answers on

How To Hire A Digital Advertising Agency

Describe digital advertising, including search engine marketing and PPC?

Digital advertising is also called search engine marketing and PPC advertising. It uses Bing Ads or Google Ads to show ads about your business at the top of the search engine results page (usually on the first page).

You rent a spot on the page where your ads are to be shown when you pay the search engine company for your business ads on that page using your brand and other important keywords associated with your company.

Now when a searching potential customer clicks your ad – the search engine will deduct the cost of that click from your monthly spend budget that you establish to spend for your campaign. Ideally, the individual who clicked your ad will purchase your products or services.

How does pay per click work?

Google Ads is the usual platform used since it attracts the most users and gives you a greater chance of more leads.

To begin, you log in to the Google Ads website, set up an ID, and start creating your ad campaigns so your ads show on top of your competitors on the Search Engine Results Pages of the Google search engine. Your ads will describe your key services or products, or your brand name. When your ad appears in the space on the page that you rented, and someone clicks the link, then (and only then) will you be charged for the “ad click.”

Describe display advertising in digital marketing?

There are various types of ads that can be run for your campaigns. But the ads that show an image or a video are known as Display Ads. These can provide more appeal or get more attention from the viewer – than the usual text search ads. And these type of ads can be seen on a wide variety of platforms other than the search engine themselves – so these ads may get a wider exposure to be seen at more places on the internet.

What is remarketing and how does it work?

Remarketing, or retargeting, allows you to display advertisements to users who saw your ad before. These ads significantly increase sales and website conversions by targeting those who saw your ads but didn’t convert. Remarketing reminds users to look at your ad again…and again – in case they want to buy from you later, at their convenience.

When using search engine marketing, where can your ads appear?

Ads appear at various places throughout the internet.

  • Text ads – found on Google search engine results pages at the top or bottom.
  • Display ads – appear on affiliate and third-party sites.
  • Remarketing ads – display in applications, email outlets, and third-party sites.
  • Shopping ads – appear before search results and contain a product image.

What are the pros and cons of Google Ads versus Google Organic?

Google Ads are shown at the top of Google – Search Engine Results Pages. You “rent space” for these ads by paying to keep showing your ads. But when you stop paying, the ads stop showing. This type of Ad can get you faster recognition of your ads, but they can become expensive to continue.

Google Organic results come about for the business owner when SEO strategies are deployed to have your company website appear above your competitors in the search engine results for the important keywords of your products or services that you want to sell to customers. This approach gets slower recognition – it takes more time to rank for some businesses. Some argue that in the long run, this approach is less expensive and more stable to the branding of the business, and attracts a better quality of customer to the business.

Some business owners do one or the other, or both of these forms of digital marketing at the same time.

The specific nature of your business or industry may dictate the best form of this Google marketing to use.

Describe call tacking and its uses?

Call tracking is a technique employed to evaluate digital advertising effectiveness. It provides businesses with real-time reports on incoming calls, offering details such as the caller’s information (phone number, name, location), the number of calls received, service provider, call duration, messages left by the caller, and recordings of the calls for future review.

The process of call tracking involves assigning a local or 800 number to a business phone line. When this number is dialed, the call is forwarded to the business line. The assigned number is associated with technology that tracks caller information, facilitating the measurement of return on investment (ROI).

There are various types of call tracking methods available. For instance, platforms like Google Ads and Microsoft Ads allow a tracking number in the ad copy, enabling users to click on the number from a mobile device and contact the business without visiting the company website.

Another option is setting up third-party call tracking numbers on a company’s website. These numbers change based on how visitors found the website, whether through organic search, social media, paid search, or by directly typing the company URL into the browser.

When implemented effectively, call tracking aids in determining which marketing channels are generating the most favorable outcomes.

When does a website conversion occur?

Website conversions occur when users perform an action on your site, such as purchasing an item or completing a form. Your business website should be designed to generate conversions.

To get more conversions, you site should be…

  • informative
  • easy to navigate
  • entertaining

Website conversions can also occur when…

  • someone buys a product or service
  • someone follows your company’s social media
  • someone signs up for a newsletter