Regional SEO to expand your customer base

If you want more customers than inside your own town or state, or you want a greater presence of your company regionally, regional SEO is your answer. Let us show you how we can help.
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Does a Regional SEO program really work?

How can you attract more customers to your website? It is not by traveling or attending trade shows. Regional SEO programs put the info about your business where your prospects will see it. So how does this work?

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Accurate, Consistent Information

Want Google to notice your business? The NAP (name, address, and phone) of your business needs to be correct and consistent to optimize your business online presence for Google to pay attention to it.

Regional Web Pages

Google Search engines ranks website pages according to local areas. We direct Google to emphasize your services and products of your business when we provide one-of-a-kind and attention catching website content for you.

Specific Strategy

Regional SEO will only work well when you showcase your services and products in certain areas in the region. We focus on a specific strategy, to help people find you.

Regional SEO Campaign

In just after 3 months, this Cosmetic Surgeon business saw a steady increase of their website ranking for just 56 keywords on Page 1 of results to ranking for 108 keywords on the first page…
– After 3 months – 92% increase
– After 6 months – 223% increase
– After 11 months – 408% increase

Read their story

Is Customer Finder Marketing the regional SEO company you need?

Well, our clients recommend us to other business owners. We let our clients speak about our results from their reviews and testimonials.

Google Review Rating

Clutch Rating

UpCity Rating

Sharon Kurgis

Bayshore Bike Rental

“What Customer Finder Marketing did for our company was quite remarkable. We rent bicycles. I had them put together a website for me and do some SEO work. Before we knew it, people were calling and stopping by the shop to rent the bikes. Now we have only a few bikes at a time to choose from since they are constantly being rented. Have them do SEO for you, and see the difference in your business.”

Why should you choose an SEO agency instead of hiring someone in-house or doing it yourself?

If you want to save the most money, and still have time to grow your business, this breakdown is worth considering.

SEO Experts 5+ 1 (maybe) 0
Avg. Yearly Cost $10K – 40K $60K $1K – $20K
Monthly Time Commitment 2 hours 2-5 hours 50-100 hours
Proven ROI Yes Maybe No

What you should know about regional SEO services

What is regional SEO?

Regional SEO is implemented when a business wants to gain leads and exposure from a more significant area around a city without going national. Such areas might be a single state, several states adjoined to each other, or a regional area such as the Tri- State, Mid-Atlantic, New England, or the Pacific Northwest region.

How does SEO target a specific region?

Regional SEO is more complex than local SEO because more work action items must be done to generate success. In addition to the hundreds of action items needed for a successful campaign, make sure these basics are addressed…

– Your website is technically sound
– Your name, address, phone syndication is united with high authority sites
– Craft unique content directed to specific locations for your services and products
– Solidly backlink these specific directed location pages created

What is the cost of regional SEO?

A regional SEO plan cost may range between a few hundred dollars per month, upwards to a 5-figure amount per month. However most successful regional SEO campaigns cost out at $1500 – $5000 per month. Identifying the tasks to be done is vital to check the value of the charges. And the regional SEO pricing will vary and largely depend on…

– Size of the business
– Scope of the project
– SEO provider work tasks performed

Are all regional SEO agencies the same?

Unfortunately, no. With over 30K digital marketing companies in the country, many don’t deliver successful regional SEO results. But there are 100s of agencies in the Unites States that routinely deliver fantastic results with regional SEO. When you pick an agency to do your SEO – make sure of the following…

– They only do “white hat” work for you
– You – not them – own all the work done for you
– They send you weekly and monthly progress reports on results and the work done for you

Is a regional SEO firm necessary for a small business?

When you are looking to reach customers in larger regions, marketing options such as print advertising and radio/TV ads may be too expensive or not practical. Other marketing techniques require significant labor and expense as well. In the final analysis, Regional SEO is clearly the most effective regional marketing strategy you might consider.

How long does it take to work?

When you have a successful SEO campaign implemented for you, you will see many keywords trend upward – and this will be within a few months. If it doesn’t happen, you should fire your SEO agency. Furthermore, the biggest boost in your return on investment will typically be within eight to 18 months.

Get the one thing that really is free

Have you ever had a website audit report – it shows you what a search engine and potential customers of your site think of it – as compared to your competitors? You can bet it is not like our report. Our report is over 20 pages long, and our experts guide you through it one on one. Business owners consider this report to be the best “60 minutes in marketing they ever saw.” And best of all it is free. If you feel that we are starting to sell you something, you can hang it up with us.

Here’s how Customer Finder Marketing is known as “best regional SEO company”

Getting started

Advanced Analysis

Before we start your SEO campaign, we find out about your business goals…
What you want to achieve for growth (and how fast)
What has worked or not worked in the past
How your competitors are performing
Which products or services do you want to promote most
THEN…we devise the action plan – so this SEO is successful.

Getting to work

Everything is ready to go

So with the analysis done, you get your action plan customized based on your report. We only start working when we have your approval. The value of all this? You can see everything we do and the results – by opening up your custom dashboard available 24/7.

Getting educated

Really learn why your campaign works

One of the biggest satisfactions that our clients compliment us on – we share our expertise. We talk with you and explain how we design and work on your campaign to get great results for you, so you can appreciate being part of our campaign marketing process even more. You get to participate in your own company marketing campaign because we make everything accessible for you.

Getting Results

Upward trending results…or else

Here is what you will see…
Majority of keywords increase in rank position
Organic traffic to your site increases
Local pages become more visible
If you aren’t seeing this trend, you should fire us.

Our pledge

Transparent, Education, Results


Transparent – you’ll see all the work done and the results


Education – we explain so you realize why the results are so helpful


Results – you see your return on your investment

We may not always tell you yes, but we will always be supportive of you.

The best 60 minutes of marketing tips?

People have told us our assessment is the most comprehensive and helpful information with recommendations that they get nowhere else. And…it’s free…you’re not obligated to hire us.