National SEO programs get serious business attention

National SEO will get your business found across the country. And as this is successful, you receive these benefits for years to come.
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Do National SEO Services really work?

Small business aiming to be recognized nationally find national SEO a cost-effective solution to compete with big businesses. So how does this work?

Begin Local

We promote your business to stand out locally first before you expand nationally. To do this, we get your business linked up with trusted directories Google really admires.

Technical SEO

Since potential customers will be going to your website, it must work perfectly. No bugs, no behind the scenes glitches are allowed. We do a thorough house cleaning here and get it in tip top shape.

Focused Strategy

National SEO only works well if done in a focused and consistent manner. We focus on your top products and services. This specialized approach gives you a big edge over your competitors that hire other SEO companies.

National SEO Campaign

In one year, this national firm saw over 150 new keywords get to the 1st page of Google and over 380% increase in organic traffic.
– After 3 months – 149 keywords on the 1st page – increase 224%
– After 6 months – 209 keywords on the 1st page – increase 354%
– After 12 months – 299 keywords on the 1st page – increase 550%

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Is Customer Finder Marketing the national SEO company for you?

We tend to take our clients’ advice to answer this question. From what they say, they are happy they chose us to do their work.

Google Review Rating

Clutch Rating

UpCity Rating

Gary Smith

Tropical Fish Wholesale

“My business is doing GOOD now that we hired you guys!

Business is ROCKIN’! The results are really coming in now. I got to tell you…. I am really getting a ton of responses. Actually I would not want them to come any faster than they are now. I can hardly keep straight who is who.”

We know you want to save the most money for your business.

If you want to save the most money, and still have time to grow your business, this breakdown is worth considering.
SEO Experts 5+ 1 (maybe) 0
Avg. Yearly Cost $10K – 40K $60K $1K – $20K
Monthly Time Commitment 2 hours 2-5 hours 50-100 hours
Proven ROI Yes Maybe No

What you should know about national SEO services

What is national SEO?

National SEO is a process of optimization of your website and internet presence to direct attention to important phrases about products and services of your company, so that your site ranks high nationally throughout the country when people search for these phrases. This optimization is done by…

  • Backlinks
  • Technical SEO strategies
  • Content Creation
  • White-hat SEO tactics

How much does national SEO cost?

Average SEO costs are $110-$250 per hour for national SEO services from agencies in the United States. So you may get a quote from a few hundred dollars to over $10,000 per month, but you can likely locate more affordable and successful SEO solutions for $2,000 – $5,000 per month.

These costs vary dramatically for a variety of reasons…
– Size of the business
– Scope of the project
– State of the website
– Client business goals
– Competition of the industry
– SEO provider work tasks performed

How can I do national SEO?

With significant time and effort, along with some headaches and heartaches. If you plan to do national SEO, you will end up investing 100s, if not 1000s of hours to learn the subject. And there will be quite a few failures before you experience success. There are many parts to doing SEO correctly and a lot of skill sets necessary to get it right. After all, SEO and how it operates was designed by hundreds of top software engineers at Google. To get it right, you will need to learn what they have learned, and go from there.

When considering these factors, the most affordable way to implement national SEO is by hiring a trusted National SEO company. Why? You have experts already in place to do the hard work with guaranteed results instead of learning to do it yourself.

Are all national SEO companies created equal?

Unfortunately, no. Even though the US has more than 30K digital marketing agencies, not all of them can deliver successful national SEO results. But there are 100s of agencies in the Unites States that routinely deliver fantastic results with regional SEO.

When you pick an agency to do your SEO – make sure of the following…

– They only do “white hat” work for you
– You – not them – own all the work done for you
– They guarantee their work, but don’t promise too much
– They send you weekly and monthly progress reports on results and the work done for you

Should I use national SEO for my small business?

A common misconception by small business owners is that they cannot compete with large companies. They think they must spend what the large corporations spend to make SEO work for them. It turns out that any SEO or national SEO costs less than other marketing strategies. SEO, done right, is 23 times more effective that traditional marketing techniques. This is because you can more easily, more economically, target your buying customers to find your business to buy from you. Again, this occurs if you hire an expert SEO agency who knows the ins and outs of SEO. They perform the tasks the search engines expect, so SEO is done correctly as required.

How long do national SEO services take to work?

Here is the thing…Google doesn’t increase your site ranking position credibility overnight. They are ranking your website among all your competitors. The secret to SEO is that your SEO work must be just a little better than your competitors on a consistent monthly basis. It will take several months to improve your website position, but you will generate more traffic and notice keyword trends within the first three to six months with a strong national SEO campaign. Your sales will increase somewhere between 12 and 18 months.

We advertise one thing as free, and it really is

Ever seen a report about how the search engines and potential customers see your site? Not like ours…Our expert will guide you through over 20+ pages about your business as it is “seen“ online. It’s free and considered the best “60 minutes spent in marketing” by those who see it. And if we start into a selling mode, just hang up.

Here’s how Customer Finder Marketing is positioned as the best national SEO company

Getting Started

Your goals & the plan

Before we kick off the campaign with the action plan, these items are considered.
We learn your business operations and marketing goals
Where you are doing well
Which geographical areas you want to reach
Which products and/or services you want to emphasize
Analyze how the competition compares

Getting to work

Everything is ready to launch and proceed

The custom designed action plan is initiated, we send you items for approval, and our specialized SEO teams start the work for you. The results of the completed tasks evolve, and you receive weekly and monthly progress reports of the results and the work items completed. Your custom dashboard showing all data metrics about your campaign is available to you 24/7 as well.

Getting Educated

We keep you posted

Yes, SEO is complicated to take care of, and we have staff of both our coders who stay isolated and code, and we have our customer service people who love to communicate with our clients. We want you to understand the work we do for you, so we send you lots of progress reports on your results. And we are available by phone, email, or chat for your help and convenience.

Getting results

Serious nationwide growth

Within months, you should see most of your chosen keyword phrases ranking higher. And because of this, people will be able to find your site easier, so you will see your organic traffic increasing as a result. From here a roadmap emerges showing you the path your business will take over the next few years.

Yeah, SEO done right really is that extraordinary.

Our pledge

Transparent, Education, Results

We are one of the few national SEO agencies to keep you informed about your campaign for education, transparency, and results – all the time. It is always there for you.

Transparent – we show you all the work done and the results


Education – we explain so you realize why the results are so helpful


Results – you see your return on your investment

We may not always tell you yes, but we will always be supportive of you.

Want to hear something fun AND helpful to you?

When clients take our free website assessment of their business, they tell us that for the first time, they had some fun going through it with our expert. They have major realizations about their business, and see a clear roadmap to a profitable and successful business down the road – some clients, for the first time in their business career.

Before working with any digital marketing agency, get this from us for free. We hear that…it’s valuable…it’s helpful…with no high-pressure sales pitch.