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If you are looking to expand your influence outside your company, or you want a better marketing impact of your products or services, social media marketing can change that.
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Does Social Media marketing strategy really work?

Want to know the best ways to reach out to your best potential customers today?

Times have changed…today marketing has advanced – from trade shows and traveling salesmen – to interactive social interactions – with social media ads and postings – so that customers buy more of your products and services.

Social media marketing campaigns today get information about your business brand directly in front of prospects’ faces. So how does this work for you?

Want to let people know about your business on all the major social media platforms?

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We can handle all your Social Media Marketing needs


We do a deep dive analysis on your main competitors’ businesses and their social media sites to see how we can boost your brand recognition and visibility, direct more influence to you and your business, and drive more traffic to your media websites – so your prospects buy from your business instead of theirs.


Then our professional graphic design staff create an engaging campaign with your unique message and brand identity. We design this message uniquely for you, depending on the platform – since these platforms are different technically, attract different demographics, and have different styles of content and tone of voice.

Launch & Manage Ads

And now for the best part…

We set it up and launch it
A/B test it to save you the most money
Optimize it so your campaign is competitive
Monitor it on a daily basis to maximize results
Send you weekly and monthly progress reports
Provide call and email support to you

Social Media Facebook Ads Campaign

In 2 months’ time, this firm saw an increase in qualified leads to their practice of 464%. They also saw an increase in their branding impressions reach to customers in their area of 287% during this time, all the while keeping their cost per lead to around their target cost of $5 per lead.

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Is Customer Finder Marketing the right Social Media Marketing company for you?

Let us see what others are saying about our work. When others review our performance, we let them do the talking for us.

Google Review Rating

Clutch Rating

UpCity Rating

Keith Shannon

Greener Southwest
Carpet Tile & Upholstery Care

I couldn’t be happier with the service they’ve provided for my business. Reliable, professional and do what they say they’re going to do from an SEO standpoint. I definitely recommend them for a business looking to grow their online presence.

Why choose a social media marketing agency versus a marketing employee or do it yourself?

Our clients continually tell us that it is hard to keep up with the constant changes required by the social media platforms, and the tasks take too much of their time (or their employees time)…and eventually, they get frustrated and stop working on this part of their marketing strategies.

SEO Experts 5+ 1 (maybe) 0
Avg. Yearly Cost $10K – 40K $60K $1K – $20K
Monthly Time Commitment 2 hours 2-5 hours 50-100 hours
Proven ROI Yes Maybe No

What you need to know about social media marketing

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is part of an overall internet marketing strategy to promote products and services using certain social marketing platforms and websites from companies – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Google My Business – to build a brand, increase sales, and increase traffic to a website or landing page.

Why are social media marketing channels important today?

The social media platform channels give customers an option to engage their interests with your business. You can stand out in additional ways above your competitors. Some people like to get their impressions about a business validated by peers or other trusted opinion leaders through these platform channels. It provides a way to cultivate relationships, and to build trust and confidence in your business from your prospective customers.

What are the best ways to do social media marketing?

This is where you really need to hire professionals that have lots of experience in managing social media campaigns for all different types of businesses. They keep up with the latest best practices approved by the social media companies. Social media companies are constantly changing their rules and regulations, so it is difficult to manage this type of marketing, unless you have these pros working for you.

Usually for the return on your investment, the time and money that you spend on Ads – available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok – it’s better to hire the pros to provide a better return to you in the form of increased leads and customers.

General posting on the platforms was more important years ago than recently. Most people today, including the managers of the platforms themselves, prefer less postings, and appreciate more vital information about products and services – especially when they are ready to research buying these products and services for themselves.

How much does social media ads marketing cost?

From an advertising standpoint – you pay the social media company to show ads for you, and this cost can vary greatly depending on
• type of social media platform
• your type of ads
• the size of your audience you want to reach
• your marketing budgets
• your profit margins

And if you have a professional who manages your campaigns for the ads, you pay them a monthly fee as well. Here you want to choose wisely, since the correct social media ads manager can save you a lot of money and bring you great returns on your investment, as they set up and monitor your ad campaigns.

Are all social media marketing companies the same?

Unfortunately, not all companies of this type of marketing can handle the complex world of social media marketing. There are many pitfalls that beginner marketers experience when they decide to dip their toe into this social media marketing world. To save you the loss of time and money and have less stress in your life, it is best to let the professionals handle this part of marketing your business.

Should I use social media marketing for your business?

One of the major factors to consider is the type of your business products and services. To test this for your business, ask yourself…”Do you think that someone who is on a social media platform for a certain reason would look at or read a posting or an ad about your company?”

If so, then this type of marketing may work well for your business. If not, then other forms of marketing such as SEO (search engine optimization) or digital advertising (Google Ads) may be better options for you to engage prospects who are actively searching for products and services. And this way, they will pay more attention to your products and services.

How long will social media marketing services take to work for me?

Set up for social media marketing campaigns usually take place within 4 weeks of starting your campaign with most agencies. They usually ask you to supply basic information about your business, access to your social media account, and they discuss a timeline of posts or ad layout road map into the first few months during this time. Posts and ads and creative designs may need to be approved by you as well during this time.

Then once all the preliminaries are in place; the campaign can be made live with ads broadcast throughout the internet to your target audiences.

Typically, in the first week or so of your ads being shown live, the ads are in a “learning” status. During this time, the ad delivery system is learning about your ad set. It explores the best way to deliver your ads – where it actively tries different audiences, placements, and more items built into their system – so that ad performance has not yet stabilized.

After this phase, your ads will be running on their own accord. It is most important that you hire a pro during these initial phases so that you get your ads approved to run, and they run as cheaply as possible, but still give you a great return on your investment.


The one thing advertised
as free that  really is

If you don’t hear anything of value to you in 5 minutes, you can always hang up on us. You get a great 20+ page report delivered by an expert, and once it is finished, you get to keep the report, and the key recommendations for your business. We don’t try to sell you on the call or afterwards.
Here’s how Customer Finder Marketing does the “best social media marketing agency”

Getting started

Research – In depth study before developing

Before we get started on your social media campaign, we find out what goals you have for your business. We make our business fit into yours, not the other way around. We research your competitors and what they are doing on social media, gather all the technical info to make your campaigns profitable for you, and put these into a neat list of suggestions for you to consider.
Research  In Depth Study

Getting to work

Develop, Design & Launch – you approve it, before we launch

Now with the research and development stage done, we give you a custom strategy that will fit what you want to accomplish. We come up with content and color designs, ad language, ad placements – whatever the campaign needs to be successful for you.

Next you get to see it all, and then give approval or make edits until you are happy with the end result of the design of the campaign.

Once approved, we launch it.

Getting Educated

You really learn how this works

We like to educate our clients on how their campaigns work successfully and why they work so well. This way they can share in the success and feel like they have more mastery over their marketing and their business. When something works well, everyone concerned feels great.
How Campaign works

Getting Results

Profitable trends – or we get fired

You will get monthly reports, have access to your personal dashboard 24/7 to see your campaign results, and be able to call or write to us when you like. You will see your campaign generate leads, reduce your costs, and win over customers from your competitors. And if you don’t, we encourage you to fire us.
Our blueprint for clients

Transparency, Education, Results

To be transparent, we will show you all the results and our work. From our education, you actually understand what we have done for you. And the results show there will be no question that you got return on your investment with us.

The best 60 minutes in marketing?

Yes, we‘ve heard our clients say…the time they spent on our website and social media assessment is some of the most important 60 minutes that clients spent with us when they first found out about our agency. Oh…and it’s all free…and there is no pressure to buy from us.