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Why would you work with a Naples SEO marketing expert?

Any agency may tell you they will get results for you, and we tell you this too. But unlike other agencies, we encourage you to look around. Almost always, clients tell us that our initial website audit assessment report (the best 60 minutes in marketing) is the best information about their business of any of the other agencies they talk with. So why is this?

First…it’s free

You get all this for free…before you even sign an agreement with us…

Comprehensive guided website assessment

Any follow up meeting
A ton of business and technical knowledge

Fantastic Retention

Considering the industry average is less than 6 months for agencies working with SEO clients, our 25-months average is outstanding. These are our month-to-month paying clients in this group. They stay with us for a reason – to reap the successful results for their business.

More transparency

Sadly, some agencies in the marketing industry tend to hide results or methods of strategies from the client. That’s not our agency. We always show our clients…
All our completed work
All the steps of the work
And the results produced by the work.

Look at what this local SEO client has to say when Customer Finder grew their keyword visibility by 1300% in less than 12 months. At the end of that time, they expanded their #1 spot for keyword rankings to over 33 keywords.

They became so busy that they limited their service area to keep up with customer demand.

How does Customer Finder Marketing rank as a SEO marketing consultant in Naples?

We are one of the most reviewed SEO agencies in Naples – with 5 star ratings. Do our clients think we are the best as marketing consultants? They don’t seem to mind saying so in our reviews and testimonials.

Google Review Rating

Clutch Rating

UpCity Rating

Keith Shannon

Greener Southwest
Carpet Tile & Upholstery Care

I couldn’t be happier with the service they’ve provided for my business. Reliable, professional and do what they say they’re going to do from an SEO standpoint. I definitely recommend them for a business looking to grow their online presence.

We know you want to save the most money for your business.

Here is the information to help you choose…

SEO Experts5+1 (maybe)0
Avg. Yearly Cost$10K – 40K$60K$1K – $20K
Monthly Time Commitment2 hours2-5 hours50-100 hours
Proven ROIYesMaybeNo

All you need to know about Naples SEO marketing services.

What is Naples SEO marketing services?

SEO in Naples, one of our marketing services for businesses in Naples and the surrounding Southwest Florida area comes about with certain tasks that our teams complete for you. As a result of this work, your website ranks higher on the search engines (like Google) above your local competitors so that your customers can find your site more easily, Because of this local approach we take, with white hat SEO best practices, we produce a Naples-focused marketing strategy that leads to an increase in website rankings, traffic, leads, and sales for you.

How much does Naples SEO marketing services cost?

With over 40+ agencies in Naples and an industry that has no standard pricing, you will get a wide range of price quotes. It’s not very likely that you will get quality SEO services for <$750/month, but you can typically find great work of this sort done for you for between $1000-$5000/month.

How can I do Naples SEO marketing services myself?

It takes a bit of doing, but if you have the time to learn and practice a few campaigns as you sharpen your skills, and most importantly execute a focused strategy consistently, you may see some respectable results in time. Focus on your key products and services that you want to promote with…

  • expert technical SEO practices
  • high-quality and unique content for your website
  • and high – authority back linking.

Are all Naples SEO marketing services companies created equal?

No, they vary in a lot of ways, and you have a lot of choices, but not all of them will be able to deliver what they promise. However, there are many great Naples SEO companies – but you need to be able to appraise them to see if they meet your standards. A few tips to help you find the right agency for you….

  • make sure they provide regularly scheduled progress reports and calls.
  • Make sure the pricing is straight forward and understandable.
  • Make sure you own the work produced by the agency.
  • Make sure the work is done 100% white hat best practices.

Should I use Naples SEO marketing services for my small business?

You bet. Over the years, SEO has continued to remain the most cost-effective of all the marketing strategies for a small business. With this type of service, you get the most reward for your investment.

And when you work with a Naples SEO agency, you get to work with a local team of experts who are familiar with your geographical area and its neighborhood activities and markets.

How long do Naples SEO marketing services take to work?

This will vary by your industry, the amount of work done on SEO activities, how your competitors do their SEO, and the current domain authority value of your website. The average upward trend of the majority of the keywords being promoted comes about within the 3–6 months range. Many times, you start to see lead generation increase at this point, or shortly afterwards. Now around this time, once the SEO campaign is proving successful for you, you may realize steady increases in sales, with some record-breaking sales months in year two.

The one thing we advertise that really is free

We have given this valuable business information out to 2500+business owners as we have done website assessments for them. But the thing is…we don’t work with 2500 clients. What does this tell you? You get to keep the valuable info and may outperform your competitors. You can become a client…or not…and we don’t sell you into making a decision. We show you the facts…and you decide.

A Naples SEO Agency for Naples and Southwest Florida companies

Getting started

Your goals, our task and responsibility

After we discover your goals and what you want to accomplish with your marketing, we are off to the races to complete the tasks involved to successfully promote your business. We customize this campaign for you to get your company name and brand in front of the customers you want to find you. We are here for you…not the other way around.
Goals, Task & Achievements

Getting to work

It’s technical…but we explain it

Custom strategy is what makes our campaigns work so well for clients. We do some very advanced technical work to get better results than other agencies. But we explain and show you all the work we do. You see, every single task, all content, and links we build is owned by only you, and you can always verify everything in your custom dashboard.

Getting Educated

Finally know your return on investment

Our commitment to you as a client goes way beyond just working on tasks for you. We realized long ago that an educated client gets better marketing results and has a more successful business. So we give away education knowledge to you for free…the more, the better.
Return On Investment

Getting Results

Found in Naples Southwest Florida and beyond

The biggest reason our average month-to month paying client stays with us for over 2 years – they get the results they want. Every. Single. Month
Keywords trend upward
More customer calls
More contact forms completed
All on a regular basis, and they see this every month with their monthly progress reports and calls.
We give you…

Transparency, Education, Results

With us, it’s simply…

Transparency – we show you everything


Education – you understand everything


Results – you stay with us as we consistently deliver for you


Value in 5 minutes

OK so you might want to learn more, but not be sold something. Our assessment is perfect for you then. You get an expert with an unbiased look to guide you through your website to see where it is good, and where it needs some work done on it. This assessment is to give you knowledge, not sell you. This is why this assessment has been tagged as the “greatest 60 minutes in marketing” by those who have got their hands on it.