You get better rankings and more traffic – or we get fired

We get consistent better rankings and increased traffic for our clients. This, along with the transparency we show and education that we give to them, makes them renew our services monthly. They will tell you it all started with the free website assessment.

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All of it is here…

Our clients get proven return on investment and transparent reports on results.

So we are different than other agencies…case in point…We do customized SEO strategies for you, and with your 24/7 dashboard access, you see your progress, get weekly and monthly reports, and personal access to us.
So average clients see their keywords ranking grow by at least 80%, with organic traffic growing by 60%.


How does our SEO strategy look?

Since we custom shape every SEO plan, we take your marketing goals and mold a SEO marketing plan to fit and achieve your goals, so people find you. This is how we get people to find you..

We Study Your Business

We research the ways people are using your site to search for your services and products currently and determine how this can be improved for you.

Implement Upgrades

We clean up your site and make it run more efficiently…we clean up error pages, manage bad backlinks, check for malware problems, and correct outdated sitemaps.

Testing Content

We will write content to direct the search engines to pay special attention to your site. We know what they want to see, and we provide it for them. You have the final decision when you review it to approve or edit.

Conversion and Ranking Focus

We put information about your site on other websites with high authority. The search engines expect your company to have this information on these websites, so it makes them more confident to rank you site higher, so you get more sales and conversions.


Sales & Marketing Lead

Keith Shannon

Greener Southwest
Carpet Tile & Upholstery care

“I couldn’t be happier with the service they’ve provided my business. Reliable, professional and do what they say they’re going to do from an SEO standpoint. I definitely recommend them for a business looking to grow their online presence.”

For a local business owner – Greener Southwest never had anyone do professional SEO for them. And they tried several firms, but not with much success. Then Customer Finder Marketing came on the scene to help them with a local SEO campaign.


Their organic traffic growth increased by almost 80% in 4 months.


And they increased their rankings for keywords, and moved their Google page 1 major keywords rankings up 1300% in 12 months.


Organic traffic growth in 4 months

Increase in page 1 keywords in 12 months

Why you need an SEO agency instead of hiring an in-house marketing employee or doing it yourself

You want to keep your costs as low as possible to grow your business. Here’s what to expect:

SEO Experts 5+ 1 (maybe) 0
Avg. Yearly Cost $10K – 40K $60K $1K – $20K
Monthly Time Commitment 2 hours 2-5 hours 50-100 hours
Proven ROI Yes Maybe No

For great SEO to occur, you need a starting point

We’ve provided 2500+ free educational business marketing website assessments. Now since we don’t have 2500 clients, you can get the idea that there is no pitch for sales.

Search Engine Optimization Experts in Naples FL

With over 30,000 marketing companies in the US, we like to be different because….


We Guaranteed Results

We guarantee upward keyword and traffic trends over the life of our agreement, or you can dismiss us from continuing to work with you.

You Own All the Work We Do For You

We don’t remove your work if we part ways. We create it, for you to own it.

It’s All In Writing

Need assurances the work gets done? Every task is shown to you ahead of time, agreed upon and signed by both our client and us. So if it is written down and it says we do it, we do it.

You Get Weekly Reports

You can keep track of your traffic, sales leads, keyword ranking metrics, and business growth statistics. And we send them to you on a weekly basis.

Get a 24/7 Dashboard

If you want transparency, then you have it. We show it all to you – the tasks we do and their results…24/7

Standard and Regular Calls

When you hire us, we talk or write to you. We check with you on the tasks we are doing for you and get your feedback on your company’s progress.

Dedicated Manager For You To Call

With us, you keep your project manager you start with for the life of our agreement.

Only White Hat SEO Is Done

We don’t use gimmicks or shortcuts. When Google changes its ranking methods, our team for research and development devise proven methods to continue to give long lasting results to your company.

Get Answers to Your Questions About

Working with an SEO Company

Is SEO worth it?

To increase your company’s or brand’s visibility online, search engine optimization is the ideal method to achieve long-lasting outcomes. Almost all of us today use Google or another search engine to find out about a product or service we are interested in investigating. Well your prospective customers do the same thing. Factually 57% of B2B marketers stated that their SEO efforts generates the most leads than other marketing efforts, and these leads generate a 14.6 % closing rate. In comparison, the outbound leads, (such as cold calling, sending direct mail, etc.) only close at a 1.7% rate. So from this perspective, SEO really works great!

Does SEO take long to work?

We have campaigns that start showing growth trends as quick as a couple months, with other campaigns showing these trends after six to eight months of White Hat SEO.

This is the only kind of SEO that we do for our clients. Any other kind of SEO is a waste of the clients’ money.

We perform White Hat SEO actions for our clients since we know what the search engines want to see per their rules and regulations, and we do the work in the exact way the search engines want it done. And so our clients are rewarded by higher ranking and growth trends. But for those who don’t…their clients are penalized.

Is SEO still a popular marketing choice?

Some say that SEO is not the best choice, but this is just untrue. For those marketers who continue to work with SEO in the older outdated ways, they are not getting good results, since Google and the other search engines have updated their rules and regulations of how they want SEO to be done. If you want to have a successful SEO program, you must respect their guidelines when doing SEO for clients.

Well today the SEO industry has an estimated value of over $70 billion. And there is a growing number of over 35,000 SEO agencies in the USA. So the popularity of SEO is growing monthly.

Will SEO be important this year?

For the past few years Google has become more sophisticated and more demanding on what they want to see in websites and SEO to determine how they rank sites on their search engines. Other search engines have followed suit. This year, they will only demand more as technology advances.

SEO is all about pleasing the search engine, who being like a user on your website, want your website to be extremely fast, be viewable on all size screens and devices, provide relevant and unique content to answer questions posed by the user about your services or products, with a site design that is user friendly to move through the site easily, and finally linked to some authoritative websites that build toward your credibility or popularity.

How to choose a SEO company?

Since there are so many SEO companies to choose from, our advice is to find someone who will listen to what you want to accomplish, then takes on your goals to accomplish these goals for you. They are transparent when doing the work and send you reports and educate you when doing the steps of their SEO marketing process. If they do this, they will be treating you as a true partner.

How much does SEO cost to start?

SEO companies are not price regulated, so you may get quotes from $100 to over $10,000 monthly. But you are probably paying between $1000/month to $5000/month if you are a small business owner and hired a trustworthy SEO agency. Customer Finder Marketing will customize all our plans, and our prices vary depending on the amount of work we do for our clients. Ask us about our pricing on your next call.

Which red flags should I be concerned with when I interview a SEO company?

Here are a few to look out for when you talk with them:

They will not tell you who owns the completed work. You need to own it all, or else they can delete it all if you stop working with them.
They guarantee your site will have specific rank placement on Google search. This may sound nice, but not possible to do. Since no agency is Google themselves, they cannot say that you will be #1 for specific keywords or phrases. Sure they can exhibit confidence, but if they don’t deliver on their promises, then you are seeing red flags waving at you.
It is hard to get them on the phone. Since you are wanting a partner and someone you can rely on here to help you with your marketing, and you want them as dedicated to this venture as you are, when they are hard to communicate with, this will be an issue.
They will not show what tasks they will be performing. Get a list of activities to be performed and their timelines for completion before you hire them. Get a sample copy of weekly and monthly reports that you will be getting. If they are unable to provide such, then they more than likely do not do the work as promised, and they do not get very good results, and they want to hide this fact.

Which is better – Hire a SEO company or do it myself?

Well you hire a SEO agency to eliminate marketing headaches, and not to create headaches. If you don’t know how to do SEO correctly, it can get complicated and become overwhelming, and more importantly take time away from you managing your business and complicating your life.

If you decide to do it yourself, make sure you have a TON of time and expertise to do it right. If not, our advice is – don’t try it…unless you want to just punish yourself.

Doing SEO services has become a very sophisticated craft over the years, mainly because Google demands it be done in a certain fashion. So if you are not expert in this field, or you can’t commit the required time to learn SEO tactics, we recommend you hire a reputable agency to do the work for you.

Should I hire a SEO company or a marketing employee?

The main parameter here is cost, but there are other considerations as well…
Marketing Employee
• Cost – $60K annual salary
• Pay sick leave, vacation, and other benefits
• Provide computer and many other business expenses.
SEO Agency
• Average cost $10K to 40K per year
• No training costs
• Guaranteed results