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I have worked with Dr Brian Dawson and he had been very helpful to my practice with marketing ideas and referrals. Thanks Dr Dawson

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Dr. Paul

Chiropractor - Naples Florida Area


This place is the best ever! Business is better than ever and all because I made a phone call to Customer Finder one day 2 months ago!


Business is ROCKIN’!!!!!The results are really coming in now. I got to tell you…. I am really getting a ton of responses. Actually I would not want them to come any faster than they are now. I can hardly keep straight who is who.

National Wholesaler - Washington DC area


Our new patients are picking up! They are finding us online and are impressed!

Dentist – San Antonio Texas area

Thanks so much for referring me to Brian at Customer Finder Marketing. He spent a lot of time with me analyzing my site and coming up with great ideas. We are working together, and I’m really excited to see the results. Feeling energized to make things happen.

Health Care Practitioner

New York City


Your Google Adwords campaign that you set up is performing 9 times better than the national average on Google AdWords! This is outstanding!

Google AdWords Representative

United States

So I guess the Google ads are working. This is 100 times better than advertising in the trade magazines.

I have had several NEW shops come on board from finding our website. So the results are really good. I would NOT want it to go any faster. In fact I would like to have a “slow down” button on the website – can you install one of those? – just kidding.

Import Sales

Washington DC area


We have been using Customer Finder Marketing for our internet marketing services for over a year now. This [August] is traditionally the slowest time of year for us and we are busier than we have ever been. We had 20 new patients visit our clinic this past week and I am going to have to hire one or two new vet techs just to keep up with all the new and current patients.

We have 2 or 3 local pet owners signing up on our website every day through the autoresponder and email marketing program that Customer Finder Marketing set up and lots more watching the video ads they produced and distributed out on the internet.”

Office Manager of Veterinarian – Florida

Brian thanks so much. I am already seeing results. You guys have helped us more than you know! As always thank you for staying on top of this for me …It is a huge help!!!

HVAC Contractor



Before we started working with Customer Finder Marketing business was some days busy and some days not so busy. There was no consistency as to whether we were going to have a completely busy week or a slow week. But since working with Customer Finder Marketing, our days are consistently busy and we can count on making the same amount of money or even more money. But definitely there’s more consistency with the amount of clients that are coming in now.

We get a lot more calls so we get more appointments now. We are in the process of hiring 2 new technicians with the workload of the increased amount of clients that we are seeing now.

I would recommend it if you want to increase your business. It’s something I would definitely give it a shot because it has definitely worked for us. – Office Manager of Veterinarian – Florida

Office Manager of Veterinarian


My business is doing GOOD now that we hired you guys!

Tropical Fish Importer



Awesome, we definitely are having an increase in customer flow. Whatever you are doing seems to be going in the right direction



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All these clients started out with us when they got a free website assessment of their business. This was their start on the path to their success. 3 steps…


They accepted our recommendations outlined in their free website audit report.


They hired us to do the necessary work for them.


Their business grew and prospered.