Video Marketing For Your Business – Tell Others About Your Business


by Brian B Dawson
Video production technology has changed drastically within the last five years. Today it is not nearly as difficult to produce video about your business. The Flip camera and the presence of higher quality video cameras in smart phones like Apple’s iPhone today can make video recording quite easy.

It’s what you do after the video production that really counts in marketing your business.

However, there are a few strategic considerations that you will want to add to your videos for your business marketing purposes. It’s very important that you mention an offer that you are promoting to your potential customers. And it is especially important that you have a call to action to have the viewer of the video to actually do something after they watch the video. This is usually a suggestion that they call your phone number that you post within the video in various locations so that is easy for the viewer to see as they watch the video. This call to action can be instructions on what phone number to call to contact your business.

Or you might invite the viewer to visit a website page about your business to get more information. Now this all has to be done correctly otherwise a person may watch your video, but not do anything to contact you – they may just watch another video on the same subject. Unfortunately this may be a video that your competitor has produced and they decide to contact them instead of you.

A video with narrative voice edited into the video is usually best, instead of just a music background.

With a professional voice-over on top of the video, you can give more information to your audience, and they will give your messages more attention.

For voice added to video, you have a couple of options here. One way is to shoot video live with a microphone attached to the person talking to the camera for the video. If a person feels comfortable in front of a camera and they can talk to the camera and not be seen to be reading a script, this can be very effective to get a marketing point across to an audience.

Another way to produce video is to get some still shots of a person, their office, their company, their logo, their employees, and other stock photos from the Internet relating to their business and use these to tell a story about the business and its message in the form of a video. You can add the voice-over to the video clip with any one of the video editing software available on the market.

You can also add a music background as well, but keep it subdued and not so loud, as it detracts from the message of the person doing the voice-over. After all, the real advertising message is in the voice-over.

An online marketing consultant will be able to take care of all of these details for you if you wish to make it easy on yourself.

After all you, have a business to run and probably don’t want to be producing videos. This way you can still get your message out in video form on the Internet and still have time and energy to run your business as you wish.

Next, videos have to be edited and distributed so that they reach a wide number of potential customers.

This is where the work comes in and additional tools are needed to finish this process for the optimal return on your investment. Fortunately these tools have been simplified greatly for online marketers in the past few years as well.

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