Internet Marketing Tips For Your Business – Do Automatic Follow-Up


by Brian B Dawson

Today, automatic follow-up systems are essential when advertising or marketing online for your business.

An automatic follow-up system is composed of e-mail, mobile text messages, voice-mail messages, direct mail — postcards, sales letters, or gifts.

This automatic follow-up system is the preferred marketing system for most businesses today for these reasons:

1. It is automated so that the prospects you are trying to reach are actually contacted and not forgotten.

2. The system can be set up to deliver messages in advance for many months into the future.

3. Prospects can receive and interact with the system messages at their own convenience.

4. You can repeat a particular promotional message over time so that the prospect can grasp and appreciate the information more fully that you are sending to them.

5. With the system they are more likely to buy from you since you are communicating with them on their terms.

Mobile Text Messages

communication and is going toward mobile interaction more and more with the advent of the increasing number of mobile phones. This is one device that people usually have within 3 feet of them at all times. Therefore they are ready to communicate with these devices and your messages to a greater extent of time.

Text messages are usually read far more readily than e-mail messages today. Another form of communication superior to text may be forthcoming in the future, but for now text has seemed to become the most popular and convenient form of communication.


E-mail is a preferred method of communication when the message is somewhat lengthy and too long for text messages. Here’s the trick with this. You can text a prospect a message that you have e-mailed them something important that is valuable and of interest to them. This will remind them to check their e-mail and see your message.

Sending both a text and e-mail message appears give you the best chance to get your message across to your prospects.


The best form of voice-mail is one that goes directly to the phone voice-mail without the phone ringing. This allows the prospect to hear the voice-mail message at their convenience without disturbing them when the phone rings. Most people don’t want to be interrupted when they’re busy doing something else than answering a phone. I think everyone can relate to this!

Direct Mail

The best ways to use direct mail — whether you are sending a postcard, a letter, or gift – is to send it after you have already made contact with the prospect. You may have made contact with this prospect by these earlier methods noted in this article such as e-mail, mobile text messages, or voice-mail.

Direct-mail usually more expensive to send. So it is always better when the prospect has had contact with you previously and they are more likely to readily accept your direct-mail communication when you send it.

The important thing is that you periodically let your prospects know who you are, where you are, and what you have to offer that would be of value to them. When you send messages to your prospects in this way they will appreciate it, and they will eventually buy from you.

And don’t forget about those valuable referrals that they can give you once they become satisfied customers. Then of course, you would send messages to these referrals and turn these referrals into eventual customers as well.

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