How Your Restaurant Can Benefit from the Growing Mobile Trend

Imagine this: Your restaurant offers great food and excellent customer service.  It’s found in one of the most accessible locations in the city.  You occasionally post promos on your doors in an attempt to attract new customers.  But still, why are there a lot of empty tables during lunch and […] Read more »

Customer Finder Marketing – Who We Are and What We Do

Transcript: Hi, I’m Brian Dawson, CEO of Customer Finder Marketing. I wanted to spend a moment talking with you about who we are and what we do. You see, we educate and help businesses expand their companies and save money at the same time by helping them make the transition […] Read more »

Use Mobile Marketing For More Business Leads, Profits, And Customers

Why Will Your Business Need Text Message Follow-Up Campaigns – Mobile Marketing? This somewhat new form of online marketing is known as a mobile marketing, and you use mobile or cell phones to take advantage of this form of marketing. Some experts believe that this is a more intimate form […] Read more »