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Why Will Your Business Need Text Message Follow-Up Campaigns – Mobile Marketing?

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This somewhat new form of online marketing is known as a mobile marketing, and you use mobile or cell phones to take advantage of this form of marketing. Some experts believe that this is a more intimate form of marketing compared to the e-mail marketing has been around for the past couple decades.

How significant is mobile marketing to your business?

Let’s look at some statistics that may surprise you:

91% of Americans now have mobile phones

90% of text messages are now read within one minute of receipt

People now send 152 billion mobile text messages each month

So it seems that people today are using text messaging as a prevalent form of communication. It’s also known as “texting”. We’ve all heard people say, “Well, just text me.”

So as a business owner, if you know how to incorporate text messaging into your marketing plans, you have a big edge over those business owners who don’t. Wouldn’t it be great if you could cut through all the distractions that most people have in their lives and contact your prospects or customers on that hand held-gadget that they keep with them all the time? You know the one that they keep in their pockets, purses, in their cars, at their work desk, or even next to their bed.

This gadget is their mobile cell phone, of course!

Just think of it – your messages can be delivered to your prospects in a surefire and strategic way. If you have a slow night or month at your business, this can turn around, and instead you could have a big sales profit celebration.

This particular form of mobile marketing works best for prospects that need a product or service right away – almost on an emergency basis. Some of the business types that this would be appropriate for that come to mind are:

Restaurants can send text messages for daily menu specials or coupons or discounted drinks at the bar.

Schools can send text messages for announcements involving your children on a daily or weekly basis. For example, a snow day emergency has been declared and school is called off.

You decide to get a pizza on the drive home and you receive a text message with a discount coupon for pizza at your favorite pizza parlor.

These are just a few examples of how a business or organization can easily notify a large group of people to quickly broadcast some news, promotion, or important message that they want made known and be relatively certain that the message is read in a timely manner.

In these times in our world when we are becoming busier with our lives and our families, this little gadget and the power of mobile marketing seem to be just the thing needed to make our lives easier.

In coming years, it’s been said that we will be using our mobile phones more and possibly not using our desktop computers much at all.

Another important point is when you have your website created; make sure that it can be viewed on a mobile phone easily. This is known as a “mobile ready” website.

Currently it is estimated that 20% of leads for business come from mobile phones. In my opinion, this will increase dramatically in the coming years as we use our mobile phones for mobile marketing more each day to get the tasks accomplished that we strive to do each day for ourselves and our families.

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