Use Video Marketing To Find Customers and Leads For Your Business


How do you spend your time online? Do you research products or services you want to buy, or visit your friends on Facebook to see what they are doing, or check in on LinkedIn to see who you can connect with professionally? Maybe you watched some video advertising while you were there.

Video is a powerful marketing and advertising tool when you do it right. That means careful crafting the script so the keywords attract the people searching for that product or service. Using a professional voice over to read the script or narrate the video. Making sure the video visually tells the story that the voice over is relating with correct timing, and laying a music bed underneath the video to enhance the viewing experience when appropriate. If you do it right, online video advertising can be a huge advantage for your business.

Videos for video marketing can be created for any number of reasons, and we have created them for many companies for a variety of aims:

To introduce a new business – New businesses need customers fast, and video that is properly keyword loaded can reach those customers and result in sales contracts with just one view.

To expand a company’s reach into the national market – When a company needs to tell the nation that they are ready to serve customers no matter where they are, then video can be very effective to get the message out in a way that targets the right customer.

To expand a company’s reach into their local market – Video marketing can be used effectively to expand into local neighborhoods where potential customers are who are searching online.

To feature a product or service – Video is a fun and entertaining way to talk about the benefits of a product or service that keeps people watching. It’s much more effective than a web page with a ton of technical information that takes a long time to read.

To give free and valuable information to capture leads – you’ve no doubt heard the saying that “the money is in the list.” That’s true for online marketing when you capture leads and use an email autoresponder to market to those leads until they say stop. Video can help capture those leads for your business.

To introduce an event – giving a seminar, an online webinar or a special sales event in your store? Video can be a great way to get potential customers to register and show up.

To highlight testimonials – live customer testimonials are one of the most powerful trust builders available. Customer reviews can guarantee you get the sale.

And many more.

Whatever reason you can dream up, we can create a video for it. It’s a great way to spread the word about your business. Over 28 Billion videos are watched each month on in the U.S. alone. That’s lots of eyeballs on video, so why shouldn’t your video ads be among those they are watching?

It’s important to have a well-planned strategy worked out before you jump into using video advertising to ensure you are communicating the right message and that you will be reaching your ideal target customer.

To get a complimentary strategy session on how video marketing and advertising and other forms of online marketing can help you find and connect with more of your target customers, visit or call Brian at Customer Finder Marketing at 727-642-3315.

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