Capture Leads Successfully For Your Local Business To Increase Profits


The best way to capture leads for prospective customers online is to offer them something of value at a discount or for free. This offer must be important enough to them so that they want to get more information from you or use the item of value that you offer to them. If it is not important to them, they will ignore your offer and move onto another competitor to find something of value from them.

I would strongly recommend that you have a place on your website that the prospect can put their name and e-mail, and possibly even their cell phone in exchange for this item of value that you were going to give to them. If the customer is interested in your product or service and they get something of value for free or at a discount, they will be more likely to give you their contact information, such as her name and e-mail address. So they put in their name and e-mail address, and possibly their cell phone number and they get delivered to them your offer such as a coupon, a discount on the service, or some other valuable information that your business or you can provide to them.

They think this is a fair exchange and look forward to get more information from you about your business and what you have to offer. Now that they have supplied to you their name and e-mail and other contact information you can legally send them an e-mail and/or text message that delivers to them what you promised to send them when they supplied their contact information.

Everything seems fair so far, right?

So the prospect receives your “free gifts” and is becoming more interested in what else you have to offer them.

Now is where you really shine and you continue to send them e-mails or text messages explaining what your business has to offer to help them. The more valuable these messages are to the prospect, the more likely they will buy from you in the future. This is a good way to send out a newsletter on a regular basis, opportunities for discounts or coupons for your products or services that you have to offer, or announcing a special event that you are having at your business. Whatever you think would be interesting to your prospects could be sent to them.

They can also forward these messages to their friends and family who also may be interested in getting information about your company. This is all done with a couple of clicks and you have an even bigger prospect base that is getting your information about your business.

And of course perhaps their friends and family will contact you or stop in to your business to buy from your business as well.

The Internet marketing concept is really quite a miracle if you see it as a way to get in contact with one person, and this one person can send your messages on to whomever they know, and they may one day become a customer of your business.

You see, one person can communicate to anyone else in the world who has Internet access. So you may be making sales to people in foreign countries, without any extra work on your part.
I call this the invisible worldwide customer advertising method – because you just never know who might be your customer.

If you thought to yourself that you have always wanted to do this, but you never knew how to get started, or you didn’t want to do the work to do it, contact us because this is what we do at Customer Finder Marketing. Invite us do a no-obligation business marketing analysis for your business so that you can capture leads successfully for your local business using the Internet!

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