Pics Galore—Using Instagram as a Brand Optimization and Marketing Tool


Since the social media marketing boom, it’s been clear that social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram isn’t just for youngsters and family members sharing experiences anymore. Today, these sites have become massive marketing channels for brands to establish relationships and communicate with their target audience. Instagram in particular, has over 40 billion images shared, with more than 75 million daily users sharing an average of 80 million images a day.

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As people flock to the photo-sharing site in droves, businesses are presented with a unique opportunity to make an impression with their audience. However, success takes more than just posting or sharing attractive images whenever you feel like it. You must first establish a well-defined identity that’s founded in visual creativity and effective community engagement. As you develop a deeper understanding of Instagram and its potential for brand optimization, keep these tips in mind to help you craft a compelling marketing strategy for your brand. 

Familiarize yourself with Instagram’s business tools

Instagram has a blog called “Instagram for Business.” The content of the blog includes tips, brand spotlights, news and examples of businesses that have managed to use Instagram successfully for business.

Inject shared content with the right mix of fun images and pictures from your business

Tell a story with the images you share. Know the right frequency to share your business pictures, and make sure to post fun pictures in between. When you strike a good balance with your images, you’ll find your audience liking your business pics just as much as your fun ones.

Consider using user-generated content

If your Instagram fans are starting to share their own experience with your brand, you might want to consider sharing their posts. This allows you to establish good rapport with your audience and motivate them to interact with you and your products or services. Of course, always, always, always ask for permission when sharing user-generated content.

Think about these tips the next time you plan an Instagram marketing strategy for your business. Consult an online marketing company like Customer Finder Marketing to get professional advice on this.

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