Naples Internet Marketing: How to Survive Google Algorithm Updates


With Google owning 67.6% of the search engine market share in the country, companies utilizing search engine optimization in their marketing mix would have to play by its rules in order to tap its significantly huge market base. Each Google algorithm update never fails to send internet-dependent businesses on the edge at the possibility of losing their hard-earned search engine ranking.

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In 2014, Google launched its latest algorithm: Pigeon. Job, real estate, insurance and movie industries were heavily affected by its introduction, experiencing a significant decline in Google Places Results. How is this so? Well, it turns out that Google Pigeon is designed to strengthen local search by narrowing the search results radius, all for the goal of providing a more optimized user experience, according to a Search Engine Land article. Naples internet marketing experts believe that, in order to bounce back, those businesses shaken by the update must employ more comprehensive localization tactics.

Were the consequences due to the change itself, though? Or do they have something to do with the type of SEO those businesses were practicing prior to the time Pigeon took effect? It’s interesting to know that while Pigeon’s flight did cause a significant loss to some business, others reported that the update did little to affect their ranking. Industry experts assume it’s because these businesses adhered to Google best practices.

They agree that despite the change, businesses should not approach internet marketing microscopically. Strategic internet marketing requires a comprehensive approach, which must still include the following:

• Keywords and search term analysis
• Posting captivating and relevant content
• Mobile-friendly websites
• Active social media engagement
• Use of traditional on-page technical optimization
• Optimization on online business directory listings
• Linking to influential websites
• Positive and honest customer reviews

It is also important to note that these tactics must be executed using the white hat approach. White hat uses optimization strategies that are focused on providing optimal user experience while abiding by the rules and policies of search engines like Google. Black hat, on the other hand, uses dubious optimization tactics such as keyword cloaking and spamming, which search engines severely penalize.

To maintain a good relationship with Google and to survive future updates, businesses in the United States should trust only white hat Naples SEO firms like Customer Finder Marketing. SEO companies can help them navigate through the complexities of the local search updates, as well as other equally significant internet marketing tactics.

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