Implementing Brilliant and Effective Web Design with Help from Specialists in Naples, FL


Rapidly-developing and notably progressive, the metropolitan area of Naples is an excellent place to do business. Job growth in this bustling city is higher than the state average, indicating that there are more opportunities for small and large companies to expand and become successful. The biggest industries in the city are in the fields of tourism, healthcare, and technology.

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Speaking of technology, many businesses are now moving towards the future and exploring possibilities through their own company websites. Not just simple web pages are in play, but sites are now designed to be more engaging, mobile friendly, and closely intertwined with the social media accounts of each business. Naples, FL web design specialists also foresee that regardless of which industry a company belongs to, it can truly reap benefits by creating an online presence for itself.

These days, there is more to website creation than just taking photos and adding articles or content. Businesses need to make a connection with its consumers, and this can be done via a series of strategies that are easy to implement.

Reach Out to More Consumers Online by Implementing Great Web Design

Becoming Effectively Relevant

To get continuous revenue, you need to keep your customers informed about your business at all times. This includes keeping them in the loop about new products, promotions, and others through the World Wide Web. A consumer preference survey performed by MarketingSherpa found that 60% of consumers in the US want to receive updates about a company via email. Around 38% of them prefer to check the company’s website when they want to learn about their products. Likewise, 20% of consumers choose to follow the business via social media so they can be in the know.

Beyond Content and Images

Websites are meant to be multi-dimensional in the sense that they are not just flattened out in one layer for consumers to view. These days, video has become the next big thing for successful and engaging business websites. Specialists in the industry even predict that video content will comprise up to 69% of all internet traffic in 2017. This means that businesses can expect a boost by delving into video marketing for promoting their products and services.

Why add videos into your website? It is believed that nearly 70% of consumers become more positive towards a brand after they have watched a video about it online. And with online videos becoming most viewed on tablets and mobile devices, there simply is no better way to get your company’s message towards your target market the fastest.

Trends for 2017

Constantly evolving, web design trends are expected to go to the next level in the upcoming seasons. Experts say that websites will be more focused on content rather than styling. Minimalist approaches to page layouts will integrate geometric lines, shapes, and patterns. In terms of color, 2017 web designers will likely veer off from solid or gradient colors, but towards dual tones that are easier on the eyes. Furthermore, websites may soon see more animations and GIFs to up the interactivity factor.

Facing Challenges

Sources report that many businesses choose not to put up websites because they believe it is not pertinent to their industry, or that maintaining it will cost too much for the company. Likewise, small business owners think that they need some sort of technical knowledge to be able to pull it off. Be that as it may, these challenges should not be allowed to limit your business potential. With the help of expert web design specialists, you can readily find a solution, get your business online, and save on costs in the long run. Consult with them today, and explore ways to grow your company and take it to the future. 

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