New Booster: Naples Internet Marketing Expert Offers Google Video Ads


Naples, Florida (November 5, 2014) – When it comes to internet marketing for Naples companies, there’s a fairly new way to get ahead of the competition when it comes to getting more online exposure: Google Video Ads.

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What happens when you put up a Google Video Ad is that your company video is shown on YouTube as a pre-roll, or something that plays before the actual video that the person searched for. Another way it works is when a visitor searches for something on YouTube and it matches your video, your video will be among the top results. Finally, you can also opt for a Google AdWords campaign wherein every time someone clicks on the ad, they get redirected to your video in YouTube.

The key aspect of Google Video Ads is that currently, only a few people know about the service. This means that you won’t have much competition and you can get it at a low price. The catch is that the cost will increase as more people become aware of it, making this moment a prime opportunity to use Google Video Ads to your advantage.

The trick to maximizing Google Video Ads is to make sure that you have a compelling presentation which exhibits your company in a positive light. It also has to have a call to action at the end and an enticing offer for your market. Lastly, proper optimization of your video will help it reach your target customers more easily.

Naples SEO firm Customer Finder Marketing is confident that it can help you benefit from the chance to be one of the first businesses to take advantage of Google Video Ads. The company’s online marketing specialists will create a clear strategy for creating your video and how to spread it on the Web, attracting more visitors for you–and eventually, more revenues and profits.

Aside from Google Video Ads, Naples SEO firm Customer Finder Marketing has other tools at their disposal to help you get ahead of your competitors online. The company offers website design, social media optimization, content creation, and various online marketing services.

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