Internet Marketing in Naples: Dangers of Unresolved Reputation Damage


It might seem like a farfetched idea that your small business will need online reputation management at some point. You are catering to a relatively small segment, after all, so why must you proactively market your brand and put out fires, so to speak, when you can count on your small but loyal customer base to support you?

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Keep in mind, however, that a stellar online reputation is a hallmark of effective internet marketing for Naples businesses. On the other hand, bad reviews about your services, a controversial social media post by your employee, or a poorly designed website can all lead to a subpar online presence that reflects poorly on your brand.

The risks posed by unrelentingly bad reviews can be great, even more so for small businesses that have yet to build a solid base of loyal customers. As such, you need to keep these things in mind:

Monitor your online reputation.

You may have participated in an online forum and posted a seemingly innocuous comment that eventually got misinterpreted and went viral, such that the page it is on (and all the negative retorts about you and your company) now ranks higher than your website on Google search results.

You can turn things around by making sure your business gets as many five-star reviews on multiple sites. Using proven techniques, a company like Customer Finder Marketing can make it so that whenever customers search for your products or services online, the first thing they see is positive and reassuring content about your company.

Be proactive to market your reputation – not reactive.

People may take a swipe at your company and even invite attacks on your brand that have nothing to do with the quality of service you provide. Counteract the bad with the good, though not necessarily in a reactive manner. Likewise, don’t be tempted by unethical practices such as offering bribes or gifts in exchange for good reviews. Rather, come up with strategies for better customer engagement and be sure to provide excellent service both online and offline.

Make your website your secret (and strongest) weapon.

Your website will be instrumental in your online reputation management efforts. Companies like Customer Finder Marketing, which have specialists in online marketing and web design in Naples, FL, can create one that can reach your goals.

These methods take time to yield results. Yet with a solid plan, you can maximize your website’s reach, track the results of your online marketing efforts, and continuously refine your strategies until you get the results you want.


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