Internet Marketing for Private Agents: Build Up PI Service Online


Private investigators might find even bigger obstacles to hurdle in advertising their services to customers. Some of these investigators may be at the top of their sleuthing game, but it takes a really competent Internet marketing agent to track successful promotional strategies.

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It’s one thing to know you are highly competent in what you do, and it’s another to show the world that you’re a dedicated detective, capable of handling most investigative assignments. It’s all the more relevant down in Naples, Florida, given the state’s stringent qualification process for budding PIs who must earn their Class C license. If you are an independent private investigator who needs every possible option to advertise your service online, consult with online marketing companies like Customer Finder Marketing to help you get started.

Staking the Claim Online

Private investigator websites, as with any company website, need to understand the guidelines laid out by the major search engines to get indexed and ranked in search engine results pages (SERP). Online marketing strategists use search engine optimization, or SEO, as an effective tool to develop and optimize webpages with thoroughly analyzed keywords—the better for potential customers to find them online.

Claiming the site’s official domain name is one of the first important steps to make. An article on PI Advice claims that when a specific online search is made for a “private investigator”, those two words or “PI” are the keywords most accounted for when researchers tallied the data. You will also have to check if your preferred domain name, as well as Internet suffixes like .org, .info, or .com, are still available.


In SEO, search engines depend on keywords when they check your website’s content for relevance and quality writing.  A common tenet of the search engines is that the keyword must be creative enough to yield fewer results, and mated with a location tag, such as “insurance fraud investigator in Naples” or “Naples private surveillance professional.” Your online marketing expert will guide you on the proper keywords often tagged in online searches for PI services.

Site Proper

Designing and developing your website according to search engine SEO guidelines ultimately help establish your presence online. Your website should be easy to navigate and have the right balance of graphics and content, which a professional web designer can help you achieve.

Daily life has millions of variables that simplify or complicate matters for everyone. When trying to promote your PI business online starts to get more complicated than you‘re willing to give it time for, let SEO professionals handle the promotions for you. Call for an expert consultation now.



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