Get to Know More about the Brains behind Customer Finder® Marketing


Customer Finder® Marketing was founded by our CEO, Brian Dawson. He has over 34 years of work experience in sales and marketing for several Fortune 500 companies, and is a Certified Business Coach. Brian is also a Doctor of Chiropractic, and owned and operated two health clinics. He is also a published author on Amazon.

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His path to founding a premier marketing company started when he was working for Money Management Solutions Inc. along with his wife Sandra, President of Money Management Solutions Inc. At that time, they supplied an efficient cash flow software to a variety of clients. While asking for feedback from their clients, Brian noticed that every client needed help drawing in new customers. This spurred him to establish a service that would help business owners find clients, and Customer Finder® Marketing was born.

Our team has taken Brian’s story and turned it into our inspiration; each member of our team is dedicated to excellence.

Our years of experience guarantee you that you are working with the “cream of the crop”.

Of course, our success has neither gone to our heads, nor do we rest on our laurels. We constantly look for ways we can improve ourselves so that we may better serve our clients. Our team also stays on top with the latest developments from Google, Amazon, Bing, and all the biggest players. This allows us to recommend to you the most effective marketing techniques available, which helps you rank your business above your competitors and in a shorter amount of time.

When you work with us, you can expect the job to be done right the first time around.

We employ a triple check system that guarantees you that the material we produce is in line with what you requested. We know that savvy business owners expect high-grade results from their investments, so we do everything we can to provide you results that meet your expectations.

Whether you wish to reach out to us to do work for you on a local market campaign or tackle a nationwide campaign, we can help you find the success you deserve. You can reach us by calling (239) 331-7055 or by sending an email. We look forward to hearing from you.