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Home buyers and sellers are constantly on the lookout for a real estate agent or broker to assist them during the buying and selling processes.

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According to recent statistics from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), a staggering 88% of home buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker—a share that has steadily increased from 69% in 2001. The same percentage of home sellers said that they sought the help of a real estate agent or broker in selling their home.

Can your potential clients find you when they search online?

Most home buyers are turning to the Internet during their home-buying process.

Your prospective clients are browsing real estate company websites, and reading reviews to assess properties for sale. In fact, the NAR revealed that real estate searches on Google have grown 253% over the past four years.

Moreover, 9 out of 10 home buyers search for a prospective residential property via different online channels. The Internet serves as the primary go-to-place for home buyers, with 43% of them agreeing that the first step in the home-buying process was looking online for properties. Before taking action on a real estate site, 78% of new home buyers visit more than three sites for research purposes.

Do you come up in their searches? What online channels are best for you?

More and more buyers are using their mobile devices when searching for a home to purchase.

According to research, your prospective clients aren’t just performing searches on desktop. As much as half, or 50%, home buyers utilize a mobile website when accessing information about a residential real estate.

When searching online using mobile, first-time home buyers perform the following tasks:

  • 51% read general information
  • 48% get directions to visit a home
  • 44% compare the prices of different homes
  • 35% compare the features of different homes

Is your website responsive and mobile-friendly?

Most of the actions performed by home buyers originate from a local search.

A growing percentage of home buyers rely on local searches when looking for a property for sale. In fact, 69% of them who take action on a real estate brand website begin their research with a local search term. More than half, or 52%, of actions on real estate brand sites come directly from a local search on a search engine.

Do you have a strong presence in local listings, maps, and directories?

Home buyers are also turning to videos for their multiple research needs.

Because most people would choose to watch videos rather than read text about products and services, videos play a significant part in the home-buying process. A massive 86% of home buyers watch videos to learn more about a specific community, 70% do so to tour the inside of a home, 54% to obtain general information, and 44% to compare features across multiple companies.

Is video part of your marketing mix?

Online reviews play a key role in real estate advisors’ online marketing efforts.

Your prospective clients value the reviews they read online about real estate services. Seventy percent (70%) of online searchers say they look at online reviews before purchasing a product or service. This is the same percentage for global consumers who trust online consumer reviews, making it the second most trusted form of advertising behind earned media, like word of mouth.

Because of the help they got from online reviews, 92% of searchers deem customer reviews as “extremely” or “very helpful,” while 59% consider customer reviews to be more valuable than expert reviews.

Are there positive reviews about your real estate services online?

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