Internet Marketing Tips For Business – Create an SEO Friendly Site

Internet Marketing Keywords SEOby Brian B Dawson

Here’s another Internet marketing tip for your business.

After you have attracted prospects to look at your website, now you want to get the prospect to interact with your website pages and do something.

You may want a prospect to do one or more of the following:

1. Call your place of business by phone – so you can have a conversation with them

2. Enter their name and e-mail address – so you can send them messages periodically to remind them about your business.

3. Get them to use coupons or special discounts that you have available on your products or services.

4. Have them watch videos or read articles about your business products or services that you offer.

This is all done to entice them to give your site more attention than your competitors’ sites. Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to do this.

For example if a prospect is searching after hours, and your business is not open at the time they are searching, you could offer to call them back by 10 a.m. the next morning if they leave their name, e-mail, and phone number in a designated spot on your site. You could even state that if you don’t call them by 10 a.m. the next morning, that you will give them a discount on one of your products or services. This could be a free consultation or a free service call to their home or place of business.

Not a lot of businesses do this, so if the prospect knows that you are going to call them or text them the next morning, they will feel relieved that they can now stop searching for what they were looking for. They appreciate this and they can get on with other aspects of their life.

It’s all about convenience for the person searching online.

Think about how you would want to get service from a business if you were searching online for something. Isn’t it refreshing to know that even though you didn’t speak with a business owner directly when you are trying to contact them, you know they will follow- up and contact you the next day?

You can even report this welcomed outcome to another person who might have asked you to search online initially to find something for them. So they will be happy with you as well.

You can advertise coupons or special discounts on your web site.

Entice prospects to do business with you instead of your competitors. This goes a long way when people are comparing products and services.

When it comes to the number of ways to use Internet marketing to make your practice grow, there are major steps to make this happen so it is profitable for your business.

It is quite important to do particular steps to get the best results.

An initial critical Step: Develop a Custom Web Presence

Acquiring your custom web presence is accomplished by completing different parts.

Create a Search Engine SEO Friendly Marketing Website – otherwise known as your website.

First, you need a search engine friendly marketing website online where people can find the information about your business easily.

You can have a very nice-looking website, but if it doesn’t do anything for you to market your services so that people can find you and buy from you, and you just have a useless, nice-looking website. Therefore you need to have a marketing website to do this work for you. From a general marketing point of view — it doesn’t matter what your website really looks like, as long as you get leads and customers that buy from you, right?

Then, find out what are the most popular keywords that people type in to search

These keywords will be the words that people will type in to find out about the products or services that you offer. If you are a dentist, for example, they might type in dentist, dental care, Invisalign, dental implants, etc.

Or if you specialize in a service or you want to promote a special type of service, make the keywords of this service apparent in all your online messages to searchers. Have them in your web pages, your website name, the description of your business, the official name of your business, etc.

Make sure everything matches up!

Make sure everything that you are wanting to promote about your business matches up with all online media messages in all forms as much as possible to get found the most easily. Remember if the search engines can find your messages, then the searching customers can find your messages and they will buy from you!

So let’s take an example of someone searching for a dentist in San Diego. They type in “dentist San Diego”. Now it would be a good idea if your website address has “” in it or something close to this, since this is what the search engines are going to be searching for anyway. Your site might as well get noticed first right at the start – instead of your competitors.

But you say, other people already have this site name claimed for themselves and they are ranking very well in the search results. Yes, they are savvy business people and have been give savvy online marketing advice already. So check out what they are doing and do the same tactics – since these are the successful ones to emulate. If you need help, get it from another savvy online marketer who knows how to do these tactics.

Now what is this online marketing tactic worth to you so far?

Well if one person found your information online and called your office and became a customer, what is a customer worth to you in one year’s time? What if 10 people did this in a year – what would it be worth? This is what the tactic is worth to you!

Finally, the internet marketing scene is constantly changing – so what worked in the past may not work well now. To get the most up to date information on the best way to advertise and market your business, see the resource box at the bottom of this article.

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